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ManagerNET Release V503 (11/12/05)
Download ZIP (5.9 M)

ManagerNET Release V602 (3/26/06)
Download ZIP (9.5 M)

ManagerNET Release V604 (5/10)
Download ZIP (10+ M)

ManagerNET Release V605 (1/11)
Download ZIP (9.1M)

ManagerNET Release V606 (2/16)
Download ZIP (10.3M)


Upgrade Notes: The Firmware and Software downloads are available on the right panel. Select the version that you need and download.

Always use matching versions of ManagerNET and Video Processor firmware. Save existing masks. They are compatible with version 6.0.6. Do not save and re-load old settings. You must load factory default values and adjust them manually.

1. Unzip the DVMDUpgrade606.zip file

2. Run DVMDUpgPak_V606.exe (this takes 2-3 minutes per module).

3. From the Main Menu right-click and select "Factory Reset".

4. After all the modules at a site are upgraded remove all earlier versions of the software from the server.

Thermal Cameras: Reduce Differential Gain from 4 down to 2. Increase the Background Limiter from 10 towards 75 as needed to reduce persistance of motion regions.

Please contact Radiant for support by calling (303)543-0440 or email us at info@dvmd.com.

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