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Application Guide (1/5/11)

Read over the application guide. It is especially important for first time users of "Video Analytics" and VMD
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A&E Spec (1/5/11)

A&E Spec (DVMD)
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We realize that the real test of performance is how well it will work for you. Will it detect every one of your intrusions? Will it avoid alarming on non-intrusion activities?

One of the ways Radiant delivers performance is creating products with a high Pd while maintaining a low NAR - a significant measurement for video intrusion detection systems. The Probability of Detection (Pd), is how effective the unit detects real intrusions, and the Nuisance Alarm Rate (NAR) is how susceptible the unit is to alarm on false intrusions. Our DVMDs provides one of the highest Pd ratings in tough outdoor environments while maintaining a low NAR.

Other factors that contribute to our superior performance includes:

  • Low Power Consumption (1/2 Watt per Video Processor)
  • Low EMI (CE Approval)
  • ESD Immunity (CE Approval)
  • Extended operating temperature range available
  • High MTBF (100,000+ hours)

In addition, easy-to-read graphical display makes the task of monitoring a snap, thus improving product performance. Our simple interface indicates and alerts the user of areas of suspicious activity. And in the event of a lost video signal is lost, you are notified immediately when your monitoring system has been compromised.

We welcome the challenge and encourage you to ask for an evaluation unit so that you can try our product in your application and see for yourself why it has been selected to monitor thousands of cameras worldwide.

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