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DVMD-1/1X Brochure
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DVMD-1 Hardware Manual
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DVMD-1X Hardware Manual
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XPORT Manual
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XPORT Device Installer
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DVMD1/1X Mounting Options
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Radiant's Digital Video Motion Detector (DVMD) represents a new generation of Intelligent Video Processing. It incorporates adaptive signal processing to achieve highly sensitive detection in a wide range of operating environments with a very low nuisance alarm rate. It adapts to changes in lighting and weather that cause many other video motion detectors to generate too many nuisance alarms.

The DVMD-1 is a standalone unit, requiring only a power source and a video input. It monitors the input video stream and outputs that video with an overlay indicating the time, date, and camera ID. When an intrusion is detected, it indicates the location of the intruder using a black or white box and activates a dry contact alarm relay. The user can tailor the DVMD-1 response to achieve optimum performance for a specific site using the ManagerNET software included with the device.

The DVMD-1 is also great at handling noisy video sources including un-cooled infrared (IR) and light-intensified cameras. Because it works with so many different types of cameras, the DVMD-1 can greatly enhance the effectiveness of video-based security systems for indoor and outdoor sites.

The DVMD-1X includes all the features of the DVMD-1, with the addition of a Lantronix XPORT network adaptor to allow Ethernet connectivity for the DVMD1X, which can then be chained together with up to 15 DVMD-1s.

All Radiant Digital Video Motion Detector products support video motion detection from PTZ cameras. Radiant's ManagerNet software and PTZ utilities can be used to control up to 10,000 PTZ or fixed cameras per site to accommodate large installations.

The DVMD-1 and DVMD-1X work with most common PTZ command protocols, and new camera protocols are continuously being added. Firmware and software updates are available for free in our Support section.

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