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DVMD14 Brochure
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DVMD14 CAD Drawings
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DVMD14 Hardware User Manual
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XPORT Manual
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XPORT Device Installer
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Designed for applications that require digital video motion detection on many cameras, the DVMD-14 allows the installation of up to sixteen Video Processors in a high-density 2U rack mount package. The DVMD-14 chassis reduces the rack space typically required to monitor large sites using many cameras.

Benefits of the DVMD-14 includes:

  • Performance specifications of the DVMD-14 are exceptional. The extended operating temperature range, short boot time, and flexible network connectivity of the DVMD-14 is a superior solution to PC-based systems.
  • With a Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) greater than 100,000 hours, the DVMD-14 is an excellent choice for unmanned sites or for applications in which a high up-time is required.
  • At 500mW of power per channel, cooling requirements for the DVMD-14 are minimal. In the event that the temperature exceeds 130F, an internal fan is activated to cool the Video Processors in the chassis.
  • The host interface for the DVMD-14 is via a Lantronix XPORT network adaptor. The XPORT allows the user to set the IP address and port number of the DVMD-14 to meet individual system requirements.
Product Photo: DVMD-14 Back

Purchasing Note
Radiant sells the DVMD-14 chassis separately from the Video Processors. The user need only purchase the number of Video Processors ideal for his security monitoring solution - very economical solution when multiple channels fewer than 14 channels are required. For more information or to purchase the DVMD-14, please contact us.

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