Right On Target

Video Demos

Early VMD Footage circa 2002
Feral Cat (2.1M)

Slow Crawler Proto
Slow Crawler in Grass w/ Joggers (8.4M)

Far Field Runners Near Jet (From Old Tapes)
MoleHole Far Field Runners (7.6M)
MoleHole Near Field Walker (2.7M)

Fence Line
Far Field Run Low Contrast (433k)
Far Field Walker Bright (1.9M)
Far Field Walk Fence (5.1M)

Flight Line Videos: The Plot is a Little Thin, but The Acting is Great!
Walking Flight Line (2.9M)
Flight Line Mask (267k)
Diagonals Flight Line (2.2M)
Diagonals Flight Line II (3.4M)
Diagonals Flight Line III (14.0M)

New Product Info: A/V Compressor - Video
Before and After Video Stabilizer (3.4M)
DVMD Before and After Stabilizer (1.1M)

New Product Info: A/V Compressor - Audio
Quiet (260k)
Noise (246k)
Cancellation (444k)
Toggle (520k)

Wide Angle Infrared
WSTI Runner (300k)
WSTI Runner Reacquired (370k)

Immigration and Drug
Border Patrol (10.3M)
DEA (10.0M)

GUI Screen Shots
Mask Fence (1.0M)
GUI Tabs (1.1M)

NAR Clips
NAR Flashing Lights (2.7M)
NAR Leaves (890k)

Train Clips
Three Targets and Reflections Inside Tunnel (12.5M)
Mask Track Siding (10.6M)
Mask Trains Protect Siding (5.5M)
Mask (6.2M)
High Sensitivity Allow 1X1 Targets Mask Right Track (37.2M)
Masked Area (2.6M)
Inside Train Masked Platform Protected (1.7M)

Tracker_Proto_Walkies (1 to 50M depending)

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